Participatory Research Methods

The CDS and DDS are developing and implementing a research methods training programme, on the basis of the experiences and the knowledge of CDS and DDS scholars and researchers. The programme builds on the partnership’s previous efforts to develop reflexivity among researchers through the production of a research paper based on CDS research methods to be used in the programme.

The CDS and DDS are working with 8 experienced fieldworkers to train and prepare 50 new fieldworkers as well as preparing a research methods training manual on different theoretical as well as practical approaches to research, with a specific reference to CDS’s main field of activity: qualitative and community-based research.

CDS fieldworkers and DDS scholars are contributing to the publication which will be used in the MA programmes at both the CDS and DDS and will provide an informative insight into the theory and practice of conducting research in the global South and Palestine from different disciplinary backgrounds. Both the CDS and DDS will also participate in the review and evaluation of these publications within the curriculum and possible future revisions.

For further information find the latest reports here.

Contact person: Ayman A. Rizq Alla amajeed(at)