MA Programme at the CDS

The CDS initially planned to establish a two-year MA programme in development studies to start in 2013 (20 students in the first year). The programme was intended to differ from other MA programmes through its greater academic rigor and students’ exposure to research methodology, preparing them for more further advanced study in addition to more common positions in NGOs, aid agencies and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Throughout the project the CDS started a process of merging with the Institute of Women's Studies at Birzeit University. Since this department also has its own development oriented MA, the responsible university committee decided that it is more optimal to set up courses within the existing programs that meet the initial focus of conflict and development. The first two courses will be thought starting August 2014.

Birzeit University and DDS scholars are working together to design the new courses, including their focus, content and curriculum. The participation of the DDS is especially significant for the CDS and the development of the Master programme concerning the theory and practice of e-learning methods in the classroom.


Contact person: Samia M. Al-Botmeh sbotmeh(at)