Exchange Programme

The CDS and DDS are establishing an exchange programme between Birzeit University scholars, CDS fieldworkers and DDS scholars and students.

Each academic year the conflict and development (CD) research cluster at the DDS hosts a Birzeit University professor to run a workshop on a development issue related to Palestine and a separate seminar will be conducted by CDS fieldworkers on the theory and practice of doing research in the South/Palestine.

Throughout the project the CDS also hosts two DDS students (one male, one female) each summer. During their stay they have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of applying research methods and practice and produce dissertations related to development theory and practice in Palestine.

For 2012, Rema Hammami from Birzeits Institute of Women’s Studies could be won to serve as the first visiting professor at the DDS. A detailed programme of all activities related to her stay in Vienna can be found here.

A report of the first two visiting researchers to the CDS in the summer of 2012 can be found here.

Contact person: Linda Tabar lindatabar(at); Helmut Krieger helmut.krieger(at)